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Enterprise Risk Management with the Risk Mandala Framework



In a totally uncertain environment like the one in which we currently live, risk management is more and more necessary to make our projects and strategies less vulnerable and to increase the chances of success in achieving our objectives.


Overall Purpose of The Training

Allow participants to carry out effective risk management in their projects and

Specific Objectives

  • Develop skills to correctly identify risks
  • Learn how to measure and prioritize risks
  • Develop risk response strategies
  • Monitor and control risks

At the end of the training, participants are expected to develop
effective risk response strategies in their projects and organizations


  • Uncertainty environment
  • Organizational strategies
  • Strategic objectives and risks
  • Definition of risks
  • Context of risk management in projects and companies
  • Risk sources
  • Risk identification and its main techniques
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative assessment
  • Qualitative measurement and prioritization of risks
  • Moments of risk responses
  • Risk response strategies
  • Integration of risks with other management areas
  • Risk monitoring and control

Expected duration: 8 hours divided into 4 days of 2 hours of online training.


  • Managers and administrators
  • Senior management
  • Portfolio managers
  • Program managers
  • Project Managers

No prerequisites are required for this training.


Theoretical content and practical activities of developing online risk management strategies using active dynamics among trainees.


Feedback will be provided to trainees during practices, as well as individual and class action plans.


HÉLIO RODRIGUES COSTA holds a PhD in computer systems engineering.
He specializes in the management of projects, programs and portfolios.

Speaker, consultant and trainer, with around 15,000 trained professionals and carried
out consultations in various sectors of the industry.

Awarded as the best MBA professor in Brazil in 2009 and his doctoral thesis received
the prize for academic work of the year in 2011, also in Brazil.

He has several international certifications and articles published in international
conferences and magazines. Co-author of books and management standards.

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