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How to MOVE MY CAREER to Project Management ?

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Free Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certtification

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Introduction to Agile and Scrum

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PSM I certification prep course




Lean Six Sigma – White Belt Certification Course


Agile Scrum practice test – 40 questions


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How to start a project management career?

Are you looking to work in a project management domain, but you don’t know how to start? In this video I will share some advices on how to start your project management career with/without previous experience.

How to pass the PMP exam?

Getting your PMP certification is not easy and request a lot of effort. However, having these three letters at the end of you name will open lots of doors. In this video I will share some tips&tricks that will help you to pass the PMP exam.

How to be a good project manager?

In this video, I will share some learnings from 31 of the TOP influencers in project
management worldwide that answered this question : What makes a good project manager? You will be surprised on what they said….

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" Very good online course, with detailed material and clear objectives. Rogerio's knowledge makes the difference, as he is able to explain subjects and answer questions without hesitation."

Wallace do Valle Barros

"Rogério is a very professional individual, he is very focused and dedicated to his goal and students. He would go out of his way to teach you and to make sure you understand. He would also take time off during off-hours to help his students. The course was very interactive and well structured to prepare his students. AMAZING TEACHER = AMAZING RESULTS"

Frank Santella

"I found this course useful and knowledgeable for me, there is excellent start to drill AGILE lifecycle, SCRUM framework. Course provides overview of most known methodologies and explain foundation/understanding of agility principle."

Kirill Kazantsev

"I really enjoyed it. The instructor was great and having the classes and material available were a huge help since I had to miss one of our meetings due to work. The material was clear enough to catch up."

Camila Vargas

"Rogério delivers an enthusiastic and engaging course while striking a good balance between theory and practical real-world experiences. In addition to providing a well though out overview of Agile techniques and approaches, he ensured that every single student’s needs were address, which of course added more value.

Fadila Dawuni

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