Introduction to Agile Scrum


Learn the basics of traditional and agile project management and the main concepts of the scrum framework



In a very simple and direct way, you will learn:

  • What is a project
  • What is project management and what are the different knowledge areas that involve project management
  • You will understand one of the biggest problems in project planning failure
  • You will know the main characteristics of traditional project management vs. agile management
  • What is the agile manifesto and how to develop an agile mindset
  • We will talk about the main framework in agile project management …. the scrum
  • Why adopt the scrum framework and what are the main benefits
  • What are the main roles in a scrum team and what are their responsibilities
  • We will see the roles of the Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the development team
  • We will talk about all the scrum events
  • We will see how all scrum artifacts are made.

ANYONE can take this course … even if you don’t want to work in project management.