Project management is becoming more and more fashionable, and for good reason. Not only does it apply to all the functions of a company, but you could also apply it to more personal projects. How? This is what you will see in the following lines.

Project management demystified

Although a fairly modern concept, project management is a tool that has been used for several decades. The beginnings of this approach were born at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the establishment of basic management principles has been refined according to the resources and complexity of the projects.

Project management is thus an approach that aims to ensure the success of a plan based on different parameters. The latter thus make it possible to specify the project in question according to the time (or delay), a detailed and realistic budget as well as the resources (human, financial, logistic, etc.) that will be required to carry out its realization.

Depending on the complexity of the projects and the reality of the business, other factors can easily be added to them.

On a more personal level

Life is riddled with events that we could see as projects. Each day brings us his share of actions to achieve, goals to achieve.

Some people are more important to us, so we would like to ensure their success by any means. To do this, why not use project management?

Here are some examples of personal projects that would definitely benefit from the basics of project management.

  • The most important project of a lifetime is undoubtedly the purchase of a property. After all, home turns out to be the biggest investment we will probably make! Owing to its complexity, access to property therefore requires good planning on all levels.

Not only must we be very realistic about the means at our disposal, but choices must also be made in accordance with our reality, our logistics and the time we have.

Good project management will allow you to cover all angles to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the day, in addition to giving us a timetable to follow for each step.

  • Are you planning a long-term trip to Europe or Asia? Once again, the basics of management can go a long way toward making your stay memorable. Without planning everything, project management will help you deal with unforeseen events that may occur along the way.
  • Immigrating to a new country is also a very ambitious but achievable project, especially if you follow some expert advice and apply the basics of project management.
  • Starting a business project is a risky business, full of unknowns and fortuitous results, but oh so rewarding! And if there is one thing that can benefit from good project management, it is this resolution.
  • The baby’s arrival is often unexpected. But other times, we can very well see this fact of life as a project worth planning. After all, we certainly want to welcome this little being in optimal conditions for one and the other!

These examples serve only to make you aware of how much everything in life can be planned and how project management might be useful to you.

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