As a general rule, in life, you think before acting. At least, this should be the case for larger actions that lead to companies whose success is particularly important to you. But to help you think better, you can use an extraordinary tool called project management.

As defined in this article, project management is a process that will allow you to ensure the success of your efforts by identifying, analyzing and structuring all the essential points related to this program in question. Here are the important points to consider when carrying out the detailed planning of a project

Detailed planning in 5 points.

1- Objectives

First, make the distinction between the goal and the objective. Thus, the latter is the means to achieve a goal that is, in turn, an end in itself. More concretely, the goal is quantifiable while the objective is more global. For example, your goal is to run the next Montreal Marathon. Your goal is to run 5 kilometers under 30 minutes the first week.

Objectives are the basis of any business. You only have to think of the deep reason that pushes you to want to do something. This is your first objective! So, find out what you want to accomplish at the end of this intention.

Prioritize, prioritize and determine specific goals for each goal. To do this better, rank your objectives by the most important or the most urgent first.

2- Tasks

Based on your goals and objectives, you are now able to put together a list of tasks that will allow you to complete your project. This step is the most delicate, because it is here that the foundations will be created. Take all the time it takes to execute this particular point by listing all possible actions.

Although it may seem difficult, there are some tips to help you get there more easily. For example, ask yourself, for each task, what you will need in advance to achieve it and what it implies. This process will allow you, by deduction and induction to have a more complete list in addition to being able to meet the more technical prerequisites.

3- Stakeholders

Secondly, it will be a question of listing all the stakeholders required to succeed. This point may well contain the people who will be affected by the results of your idea, at the beginning and end, as well as those who will be working on the project. When you have gathered all the stakeholders, assign them the previously established tasks. For an even more convincing result, consider the needs and expectations of everyone involved and include it in your detailed planning. This will make the execution of the tasks all the more motivating for everyone.

4- The schedule

This point concerns the results and the time required to fulfill your objectives. The schedule will be a tool of choice that will serve you well. There are several examples of deadlines on the Web, but a simple Excel spreadsheet with all the important information can do the job.. Of course, your project contains essential steps for its success. They should be set so that you can then determine the important delays.

5- Risks and issues

Detailed planning would not be complete without the analysis of potential problems and risks. This essential step will tell you how to work around them. However, according to your experience, do you already anticipate obstacles that could hinder the success of your project? Establish an action plan now to get around it. You will save time and money in the end. Do the same for the risks. Are any of the steps in your to-do list present? If so, think about how to work around them and adjust your schedule accordingly.


With detailed planning now in place, now is the time to take action, to complete your project using the plan. Throughout the process, take the time to note the way things are going. This will allow you to compare the planned plan and the reality. Not only will you be able to make adjustments and improvements along the way, but this tool will be an invaluable help for your next drafts! Regardless of the idea, a detailed planning can only allow you to realize it with the most fluidity possible, increasing, by the same, its chances of success. Stay tuned for other articles on project management!

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