Recently, I published an article talking about cohabiting Waterfall and Agile.

Some people reached me out saying that Waterfall is dead.


Believe me, Waterfall is not dead!!


In this article I will explain why and what are the benefits of using the waterfall approach.

Where Agile is not recommended ?

Agile is highly recommended for software development projects.

Firstly, because we can deliver per short releases, which means that, the customer will have quicker access to the benefits of your project.

On the other hand, projects that cannot be delivered by releases, such as the construction of a bridge over a river, are more appropriate to use the waterfall mode.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Scope is well defined and is not subject to frequent changes
  • The quality of the product is more important than the speed of production
  • There is already a consolidated expertise in the development of this project
  • Budget and timeline should be defined at the beginning of the project

What are the benefits of managing projects in waterfall mode ?

The Waterfall mode has several advantages in relation to the Agile model.

The most important is the fact that it is a model already consolidated and tested in the market.

The vast majority of companies already have this culture of project management working well over the last years.

In addition, the offer of resources with proven experience in this model is more abundant than professionals experienced in Agile.

Other factors add up to the choice of the traditional mode:

  • Lack of culture or resistance in the adoption of Agile management
  • Since the beginning of the project, the sponsor and the client have a clear idea of the budget and what will be delivered at the end
  • Customer participation is not as required as in agile mode. In some cases, the client is not available to participate in agile daily or weekly planning meetings
  • The management of the documentation is more meticulous and detailed
  • In long-term projects, where professional turnover is a reality, planning and documentation reduce the impact of onboarding new resources

In summary, both agile and waterfall mode have pros and cons.

The challenge is to know how to make the choice in accordance with the context in which your project will be carried out.


What do you think about waterfall, agile and hybrid projects?

What is your experience managing projects?

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